Friday, June 22, 2012

Narrowing pussy

Without drugs or chemicals

Narrowing pussy 

For females and wife's

Your guide to live happy and satisfied 

The great gift to your husband

Female after being non virgin for long time (at least 3 months) of first sexual intercourse the vagina or pussy will adapt with new situation and become less narrowed and the sexual agitation or orgasm become less grade by grade therefore the women after one year will become less pleasurable less sensitive and some times careless for sexual intercourse and careless for marriage or careless for her husband.

This point is the dead line of sexual life and may become the start point of family problems may reaching divorce. 

Women after 5 – 7 years become complain of very wide pussy or vagina. The modern science helps every woman on this point of view and we mention all of the healthy activities and foods that can narrow the pussy or vagina.

Narrowing advantages

1- Make sexual intercourse better then past
2- Increase your sexual agitation
3- let your self to do more than one orgasm
4- Make your body to birth normally without more pain
5- Make your husband love you more
6- Prevent suspected divorce status
7- Strength and tight overall body 
8- Improve your mode always
9- Prevent abortion by tighting vaginal area
10- Increase pregnancy chance 
11- Remove punch for fatty female
12- Prevent urine control problems after childbirth
13- Prevent uterine prolapsed
14- Help pregnant women to deliver the baby normally and easily without intensive pain.

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Vagina : is the elastic muscular connection canal between the external environment 
and matrix and have more than one function.

Components : vaginal wall contains many things that play major important function in
 conception and delivery even orgasm opportunity. 

1- vaginal mucus: it is self secretions by vagina responsible for preventing many 
bacterial and viral infections to enter the matrix and facilitating penis to enter 
vagina in order of doing sex.
2- highly nerve endings : it located at the front of vaginal wall 2-4 cm it responsible
for making agitation and orgasm.

3- smooth elastic muscles: it located around vagina wall and responsible for 
vaginal contraction during delivery and may on sexual intercourse , and dilatation 
of wall to facilitate fetus passage.

Functions : 
1- prevention of bacterial or viral infection of matrix.
2- facilitate sexual intercourse and agitation. 
3- responsible for reception and shifting sperm upward to enter the matrix. 
4- facilitate birth. 

Itching vagina 

it is a symptoms caused by many things like:

1- Excess perspiration.
2- Certain clothing - tight clothing.
3- Wearing wet clothes - especially a wet bathing suit.
4- Sexual activity
5- Allergic reaction to latex (condoms), deodorants, detergents
& soaps, lubricants.
6- Wearing panty liners or pads during your menstrual cycle.
7- Over used of Antibiotics.
8- Vaginal dryness.
9- Low ventilation.

Vaginal cancer

Vaginal cancer : is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the 
vagina.Vaginal cancer is not common. When found in early stages, it
can often be cured

Risk factors:

1- Being aged 60 or older.

2- Having human papilloma virus (HPV) infection.

3- Having a history of abnormal cells in the cervix or cervical cancer.

4- Bleeding or discharge not related to menstrual periods.

5- Pain during sexual intercourse.

6- Pain in the pelvic area.

7- A lump in the vagina.


1- Surgery

2- Radiation therapy

3- Chemotherapy

4- Radiosensitizers


1- The tissue on the internal vaginal wall can absorb many solutions therefore 
some chemical solutions make itching.

2- The vaginal whole contains non-pathogenic bacteria release materials that kill 
pathogenic bacteria when enter vagina.

3- Pelvic floor muscles is being responsible for keeping vagina at the normal suite 
not upward not downward.

4- Many husbands dislike sexual intercourse with his wife if she have a bad 
odor on her vagina therefore the most cause of bad odor is vaginal infections that 
may cause female sterility for long time, but the solution of microbial 
infections presents on the physician.

5- Vaginal wall should be like a puncture not like to be protruded or closed.

* Remember that when the vagina has acidic PH  3.8 - 4.2 is prone to free of 
infections but when becoming alkaline > 4.2 is prone of microbial growth that
 cause many infection on the vagina or matrix .